The maintenance and repairs of your self storage facilty are timely – costly – specialised.

The appearance and condition of your storage facility are vital to the profitability of your self storage investment. Keeping your property clean and well maintained makes it attractive to current and prospective customers.

Wear and tear and breakdowns prevent self storage facilities from operating at peak performance. Every self storage operator knows that any repair, no matter how big or small, if not attended to in a timely manner will affect a facility’s ability to operate optimally.

The best maintenance outsourcing solution is from a firm specialising in the self storage industry.

G&M Stor-More have been building self storage facilities for 18 years and know the specialised nature of the storage industry in Australia. We are pleased to announce we now have a full-time maintenance team to take the hassle, cost overruns and delays off your maintanence ‘to-do’ list.

Here are some of the typical maintenance services that we offer:

  • Storage unit renovation
  • Roller door rejuvenation
  • Roller door servicing and cleaning
  • Swing door servicing and lock adjustment
  • Repair and replace damaged internal walls and hallway panels
  • Adjust and service PA doors, door closers and lock sets
  • Storage unit size conversions and reconfigurations
  • Roof and gutter cleaning and maintenance
  • Lubricate roller shutters
  • All types of painting

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