Mezzanine Floor Systems

A G & M Stor-More mezzanine floor system provides cost-effective space solutions that utilise valuable unused space and increases the value of your property.

Installation of a mezzanine floor system can expand your production capacity and improve operating efficiency. With a G & M mezzanine floor you can create additional rental areas within your building or storage facility; a mezzanine allows you to develop offices, retail areas or storage space.

Our mezzanine floors are individually designed and engineered to suit your specific needs, allowing you to maximise existing floor space by utilising the full height of your building to increase rentable areas.

As each G & M mezzanine floor is fully engineered and certified for 500kg/m² loadings and is fabricated out of metal and comes complete with stairs and balustrades, you can be assured of a mezzanine built to the highest of quality and standards.

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